The Gilded Six Bits

The Gilded Six Bits written by Zora Neale Hurston and was first published in 1933.
This story is written in 3rd person (he she it).

This story is about a married African American couple, the husband along with most of the town works for the G and G fertilizer company . The story starts out with the wife Missie May taking a bath, slightly behind her daily schedule, so she hurries up her bath, she had barely gotten her shoes on when her husband, Joe, knocked on the door, they then commenced to their daily game mostly like tag. He would throw money through the doorway, then hide, she would find him then “wrestle” whatever goodies he brought home for her today. After their tussle, they then ate dinner, and Joe announced he was going to take Missie to the new ice cream parlor owned by a newcomer to town named Otis Slemmons. They then went on to have a conversation about the man, Joe wished he had his gut and a few other things, I think the man had some self image issues, though Missie told Joe she liked him just as he was. They had a wonderful time at the Ice cream parlor, Slemmons complemented Joe on Missie. On the way home Joe, for lack of a better word fangirled over Slemmons,  commenting on the way he talked, his stories about Chicago (where Slemmons was from), and the gold bits he wore on his clothing. Every Saturday he would parade Missie in the Ice cream parlor, he worked the night shift and Saturday was his only night off.  They were a very happy couple, they had a cycle, he would come home, do the mock battle, go to the ice cream parlor and then go to church on Sunday.

Until one night, around eleven a clock at night, G and G ran out of acid, so they sent everyone home. Joe was excited he could surprise his wife, on the way home, he thought about starting a family he wanted a boy. When Joe got home he saw a dim light shining through the bedroom window, he decided to go through the kitchen door. He was going to wash up before going in to Missie, on the way to the sink he accidentally knocked over a plate, he heard a loud gasp. Thinking he scared her, he quickly called out that it was just him. He heard a loud thump come from his room, Joe lit a match and hurried over thinking it was robbers or the like. Only to find Slemmons hurrying to get his pants on. Joe contemplated attacking the figure, but he froze, Missie was crying, and Slemmons was begging Joe not to kill him, offering all his money for his life. Joe unfroze, decked him then told him to get out. Slemmons hurried out but Joe’s intention was overrided by his fury he grabbed Simmons by his vest and punched him he skidded over to the door and Slemmons then got up and ran out the door. Missie May was sobbing, very strongly, not muttering a word. Joe stood there with a broken chain which turned out to be Slemmons’ watch charm in his hand that turned out be a four bit piece, hence why he never let anyone touch it. Joe just stood there staring at it, feeling a plethora of emotion, then he laughed, (why he laughed I have no idea) and then went to bed. Joe then asked Missie why she was crying, she answered because she loved him so much and she was sure he didn’t love her anymore. To that he answered she didn’t know that yet,  Apparently, Slemmons had offered her gold pieces, and he just kept advancing, Joe then told her to stop crying he got her a gold piece. The hours went by, Joe sitting on the bed frame, and Missie May dry sobbing, they stayed like that till the sun came up. Missie May didn’t plan on getting up, thinking there was no need for that, no reason to make breakfast, starch his clothes, clean the house, and she was embarrassed. But she got up when Joe asked her if she was going to make breakfast, you could cut the tension with a knife. But Joe never left her, and she couldn’t leave him, she loved him to much. But things were stressed, no more mock battles or candy kisses. Later that year, Missie May had a baby boy, and the spitting image of Joe according to Joe’s mother. And on a side note, Joe’s mother never approved of Joe marrying Missie May. Anyway the child was a motivator to them fixing there problems, Joe went and bought a large amount of candy kisses with the four bit piece. When he got back home, the game of tag began, and everything ended okay.

This Slemmons was full of hot air, his gold was fake, and he had to pay women to sleep with him  but he still seemed to think he was something special.


The little Convent Girl

The little Convent Girl, written by Grace King and first seen in 1893.

This story is about a twelve year old girl who had been placed in the convent by her father when she was an infant, only visiting her father on holidays. She never got to know her mother since her father took her away to Cincinnati when she was an baby and wouldn’t allow any contact. But now that her father died, she was going to go see her.

It was said in this story that she was an ideal convent girl, she didn’t talk unless spoken to, when she was told to sit down she would and wouldn’t get up until told to. She never forgot to pray. She wore black, and her hair was black, and her eyes were black as well.

Everybody loved her, the Captain would take her on deck to watch when they would get stuck on the bank or such, she was enthralled, she had been stuck in a convent all her life. Even the usually vulgar crew refrained from cussing when she was on deck. Though one of her favorite places to go was the pilot’s house. And the pilot loved having her there they would talk about the stars and the river. One day she actually stayed up past nine o’clock talking to the pilot.

The Captain and his crew were sad to see her go when the finally got to their destination.
Everyone was shocked to see her mother, I believe it was because she was black, I think, she never really described her. Anyways the next time the ship came into port in that city the Little Convent girl’s mother brought the girl to visit the Captain. The mother was worried about her saying all she did was pray and crochet and she thought visiting him would do her some good. It didn’t really, she walked off the edge of the ship and drowned shortly after the visit ended. I’m guessing her mother wasn’t what she was expecting since she killed herself,  they never found the body.

I find this story so incredibly sad, I can’t imagine living in such a strict environment as a convent, she never did anything without permission, never spoke unless spoken to, how incredibly lonely and constricting that must’ve been. And I’m guessing that she suppressed her emotion while growing up that she didn’t know what do with them when she experienced sadness and disappointment.

Free Joe and the Rest of the World

Free Joe and the rest of the world written by Joel Chandler Harris in 1884.
This short story is written in third person and can be found in Stories of the old South..

Free Joe and the rest of the world was one of the few short stories in this book that I actually really enjoyed. This story is about a freed slave named Joe who was freed from slavery by his master, who’s name was Major Frampton who was a slave prospector,
he had a whole caravan of slaves. Joe was freed after Frampton lost everything (Literally, money, slaves, horses, wagons) except Joe in a poker game. After Major Frampton freed Joe, he went out to the woods and blew his brains out. Joe’s character was said to be a simple soul, that liked to play with children, he would make his dog do tricks for them. When Joe was freed, he became an outsider, object of suspicion and scorn by everyone, including the slaves. Although Joe was free, his wife wasn’t. She and the other slaves were won by the other poker player, the mayor, who was a kind master and allowed Joe to visit his wife. But when the mayor died, his wife went to the mayors half-brother, a man mostly known as Spite Calderwood. Calderwood was not a kind master, he wouldn’t let Joe visit his wife. And so not very far from the plantation Joe started to live with a white couple, the woman told the future supposedly, this couple was described as white trash, but kind. Joe used to look down on those kind of people but being in exile caused him to change his view. Anyway, at night he would sit at the base of this old tree and listen to the singing from the plantation. Until one night his little dog Dan ran of and found his wife Lucinda and led her to Joe, this went on for a little while. Dan would retrieve the wife from the plantation, and lead her to Joe.

Until one day Calderwood found out and shipped Lucinda off far away to another plantation. Joe had no idea, he just kept waiting at the tree every night even after Dan stopped running off to look for Lucinda, until one night he found out from the people he lived with that she had left in Calderwood’s carriage. But he held of hope that she would come back. So every night he would sit out at the tree, one night Dan, getting restless ran off. Joe heard hunting hounds and figured they were after some forest creature, but they were after Dan. Even though Dan never came back Joe still waited out by that tree every night till the day be died.

You know, I never really thought about it being difficult for the slaves who were freed before the civil war. I mean I figured it would be so much better. But to this man it wasn’t, he couldn’t be with his wife, nobody but the children and that couple liked him. He was different, an anomaly, and society doesn’t like different, in any generation.

Mrs. Yardley’s Quilts

Mrs. Yardley’s Quilting was written By George Washington Harris in 1867. George Washington Harris was born in Allegheny City but grew up Knoxville, Tennessee.


This story is about an Old Lady named Mrs. Yardley and her quilts. The story is told in a first Person by an man named Sut. The book starts out with Sut telling his friend that he just came from burying Mrs. Yardley, who was run over by a horse, though he claims that it was the destruction of one of her best quilts that did her in. Sut then goes into the story of how she died in a round-about way. Drones on a good bit. Anyway, from what I could gather the church was having a get together and Mrs. Yardley gave everyone a quilt to use for the picnic, so the day afterwards all the quilts where hanging on a line to dry and be mended if need be, and there was another party near the quilts. Well, a man had an easily spooked horse that the man tied to a cherry tree, and Sut somehow did something that let the horse loose, so the horse got spooked and ran through several of the lines of strung up quilts before running over Mrs. Yardley and an old man she was showing one of her best quilts to. Even after she was ran over she was more upset over her quilt being ruined, then a month later she died. Sut blames the quilt. The book was written in the old dialect, it was very difficult to read. Hence the holes in the story, I have absolutely no idea what he was saying half the time.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, the movie

Hey guys, I decided to do post about the movie Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters. This movie was almost as bad as the first one. Seriously, it’s like the writers decided to do whatever they wanted. Here, I’ll point out some of the problems.

  • For starters, He’s seventeen.
  • Kronos actually comes back in this movie and he’s big, red, and glowing, which, did not happen in the book, or any of them.
  • Polyphemus’s island, was another major issue, in the book it’s a beautiful island, in the movie it’s an rundown amusement park.
  • The mist was never ever in a spray can. It’s natural, now granted some demigods could control it, but that’s not the same thing as putting it in a spray can.
  • Annabeth, Luke and Thalia were all the same age. And Thalia was too young and didn’t have her shield and spear. And there was no heard of monsters, just cyclops.
  • The Oracle, what in the world was that? In the book all that Oracle did was spout out prophecies, she never had a full conversation.
  • Chiron was never accused of poisoning the tree and kicked out of camp.
  • There was no Tantalus.
  • Grover in the movie never went searching for Pan, got kidnapped by Luke and didn’t get captured by the cyclops till the end.
  • Annabeth didn’t have her hat, or dagger.
  • Percy got his butt totally kicked by Luke, in the book he lost the fight but it wasn’t an epic beating.
  • In the movie Silena was on the Princess Andromeda, and she didn’t look like an daughter of Aphrodite.
  • Percy met Tyson at camp.
  • Percy sought out Hermes.
  • Riptide never returned to his pocket, he dropped it several times in the movie, and he had to go and pick it up.
  • Circe wasn’t in the movie, nor were the sirens, Hydra, Laistrygonian Giants, whatever those pigeons that attacked the chariot races were, or Party Ponies.
  • Oh, and not to mention there wasn’t a chariot race.

And that is just most of it, overall, the movie hardly followed the book.