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The main problems wrong with the Time of the Doctor

I found that this episode was a source of annoyance for me because of several reasons, no River Song, it seemed to drone on…  but the two main issues that I had with this episode was the regeneration and the aging of eleven.

Previously the regenerations took a bit, his hands started to glow then it went up his arms, then his face lit up, then the regeneration came i full force, Ten’s for instance.

regeneration ten-eleven

It’s slow and steady, Melody’s too  for another example.

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davidtennantgasm:br br madamevastra:br br br Melody Pond: First... photo 5

davidtennantgasm:br br madamevastra:br br br Melody Pond: First... photo 6

davidtennantgasm:br br madamevastra:br br br Melody Pond: First... photo 7

Okay, here’s Eleven’s regeneration into Twelve.


What in the world is this?! What happened to the long, beautiful, and sad regeneration. A regeneration is sad because your watching them change into a different person, with this regeneration you don’t have any time to grieve, because, BAM, there’s a new doctor. I mean come on, the guy who wrote Ten’s episode was milking the pain for all it was worth, and Moffat seemed to like causing sadness.

Another issue in the episode The Impossible Astronaut , River says that the doctor they just watched “die” was several hundred years older than the last time they saw him, but he showed no signs. But in this episode 300 years go by (I think it was 300 years), and he’s a tottery old man.

It’s like Moffat has no respect things done previously or the little details, you can’t just change how a regeneration works and it’s highly inconsistent to have the Doctor not age at all, but have him grow old when it suits you.

Over all, I was not impressed with this episode. It was kinda dull, it never held my attention.

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters trailer

I was NOT impressed. It looks like they messed this one up too, not as bad as the first one, but messed up none the less.  At least the directors  bothered to have Kronos there at all. And did you know that they changed the prophecy age to twenty instead of sixteen. Come on! How hard is it to get the age right. Anyways, correct me if I’m wrong, but   the golden coffin Kronos is kept in, never came into camp, well it’s there.Another problem is that  the directors  didn’t have Tantalus in the movie, Percy telling Tantalus to go chase a doughnut was like the funniest part in the book. And hardly anybody in Camp is wearing Camp Half-blood T-shirts, also the  camp get-away was wrong on so many levels, and one more thing, on the Sea of Monsters cast there was the  Lydian Drakon and the Manticore , why are they in the second movie? I’ve given up hope that the directors  can pull this series back together.

My Favorite Movie/Tv show Bad Guys

Once again we’ll start with TV shows then move to movies.

1.The Evil Queen/ Regina Mills, she’s awesome. Morgana Pendragon from season 4 and 5,  Morgana was just annoying in season 3.

2.The Silence, I just finished Day of the Moon, and those things were creepy.

3.Weeping Angels,once again another group, but I freak out momentarily when I see a stone angel. (And my insanely mean mom, is contemplating getting a few stone angels just to watch my sister and me freak out.)

4.The Joker from the latest Batman movies. This guy was demented, he totally stole the movie.

5.Loki, he’s not as good as Joker, but no movie bad guy is as good as Joker.

6. Rumpelstiltskin, I love his character, he’s hilarious.

7. Morgana Pendragon from season 4 and 5,  Morgana was just annoying in season 3.

Well, there isn’t a lot of movie bad guys that I find interesting. Hopefully, with all the new movies coming out I’ll be able to find a few more.

Dragoon The Great aka Merlin

Guard: Who are you???

Old Merlin: What kind of a damn fool question is that? I am who I am and I am who I was and I am who I will always be

  • Guard: That’s no answer.
  • Old Merlin: What other answer is there? It’s the only answer worth giving.
  • Guard: What’re you doin’ here?
  • Old Merlin: Incredible! Ya follow one idiot question with another! I’m visiting the cells as you perfectly well know.
  • Guard: No you’re not. Unless we say so, you’re not.
  • Old Merlin: But you already said so. Only ten minutes ago you said so. You said so! And I did so!
  • Guard: No we didn’t!?!
  • Old Merlin: What on earth is wrong with you? Something interesting in your tea, is there? It’s hardly any wonder your prisoners are being murdered if you can’t even remember who you’re lettin’ in and who you’re lettin’ out!
  • Old Merlin: You let me in! And I thank ya for that. And now, apparently, I have to let myself out!
  • Old Merlin: Ah! *points a finger* Goodbye!

This picture is of Katniss in her wedding dress for Catching Fire. That is not what her dress looked like! One it was not sleeveless, it’s sleeves went all the way to the floor. Secondly, there was pearls everywhere on it, sewn into the dress. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see any pearls. And last but not least, it wasn’t ruffly, the dress was extremely elegant. Now this dress is very pretty, but it is not her wedding dress.

2013 movies I’m looking forward to.

1.Catching Fire, sequel to the Hunger Games. By the way, it annoys the tar out of me when they call it Hunger Games 2.

2. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, I don’t know if I spelled that right.

3.Star Trek Into Darkness. Oh my Gosh! Have you seen the trailer?

4. Iron Man 3, what is with the serious and heart wrenching movies this year?

5.Thor The Dark World, hopefully this one will be better than the first one.

6. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Sea of Monsters. I’m excited about this yet at the same time dreading it. They messed up the first one soooooo much, but they can still somewhat get the storyline back on track.

7.Man of Steel, according to Dad the other Supermans weren’t all that good, but this one looked awesome.

8.After Earth, it has the girl who played Clove in it.

9.The Wolverine, can’t wait.

10.Despicable Me 2, yay, another one.

11.Epic, it looked rather interesting.